Setting up a previously owned Mate 3

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Batteries: 4ea HAWKER Power Source
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Finish rate 43 amps
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Combiner: MidNite Solar Inc. MNPV12.
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Setting up a previously owned Mate 3

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Is it safe to connect a previously owned MATE 3 to a new Radian GS8048A and power it up knowing the previous owner was using it on a 230vac 1 phase system with 24vdc PV input? My system is 220/110vac 1 phase with 48vdc PV input. Do I have to do a "factory reset" prior to setting up the MATE? Do I need to download new software/firmware into the MATE and what software or firmware does it require?
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Re: Setting up a previously owned Mate 3

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The Mate3 does a power-on self test that includes interrogating the equipment attached to its Outback Network port (via an Outback Hub usually) and make adjustments according to what it enumerates. That's not to say, however, that every parameter will be reconfigured. As such, it's useful to reset the Mate3 and start configuration from scratch.

Loading the latest firmware will also be beneficial. ... re-updates

Another consideration re. a used Mate3. If the prior owner registered it with Outback, and you plan on using it with OpticsRE, you will need to contact Outback regarding transfer of ownership. It's a security issue, and also an Optics data-continuity issue. If the unit isn't added to your OpticsRE data by Outback, then the "new" Mate3 MAC address will trigger a new instance of Optics. and any old data associated with your account will be lost.
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