Firmware update screen is confusing

Mate3 and Mate3s communications devices for Outback Power
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Firmware update screen is confusing

Post by pioneerMan »

Am I the only one who thought, "New Version" displayed on the screen actually meant there was a new version available?

Do members of corporate Outback Power team monitor these forums? Because I would like to offer usability suggestions that could be possibly addressed in future firmware updates. The first being that "New" shouldn't be shown when displaying the version number.

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Re: Firmware update screen is confusing

Post by raysun »

In the firmware update dialog "new version" refers to the firmware version number read from the binaries on the SD card. Its the version that will be written to the Mate's NVRAM if "Update" is selected.

It doesn't have to be a newer version than is in NVRAM at the time, and while not generally recommended, it could be a "downlevel" version, installed to roll back to an earlier set of functionality.

Perhaps the word "new" could be eliminated altogether.
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