Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

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Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

Post by profmweiss »

Hi folks,
We have an existing PV array without battery storage and are looking to add some battery storage to our existing system. All of the solar installers in my area either only sell complete turnkey systems, so don't want to work with someone who already has panels and an inverter, or only work with the Tesla Powerwall, which I am not interested in. Based on some reading online it seems that the OutBack EnergyCell 800RE might work well with our setup, but as I am neither an electrician nor a DIYer I don't dare approach this job myself. I contacted a local electrician and asked him for a quote on connecting the EnergyCell battery to our setup, but he said he would need to see a wiring diagram first before he could give me any information.

The wiring diagrams page at https://www.outbackpower.com/resources/ ... g-diagrams doesn't seem to have what I am looking for -- or if it does, I lack the expertise to find it. Can someone help me locate the information I need so that I can pass it along to the contractor that I hope will be able to work with us?
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Re: Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

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Is the installed SolarEdge system configured to accept a 48 Volt battery? If so, connection of a lead acid battery like the 800RE is going to consist of battery (+ and -) cables, with b(+) routed through a properly sized circuit breaker, and b(-) through a battery monitor sensing shunt most likely. An install guide is available here: https://www.altestore.com/static/datafi ... 0Guide.pdf
That's a big, expensive battery.
It's pretty much in the cost ballpark of the LG RESU lithium ion batteries SolarEdge claims are compatible. I don't have experience with that brand, but lithium ion may be a better choice for integration and service life.
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Re: Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

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It's unlikely you'll be able to simply add batteries to the existing system.

SolarEdge has a "StorEdge" inverter, but as Raysun noted, the battery selection may be limited. Otherwise your best option would be to add a second inverter (like an Outback Radian) that does support a wide variety of batteries, and then use AC coupling between the SolarEdge, the Radian, and the batteries.

Do a search in this forum on AC coupling -- it's a hot topic right now :grin: .

Also check out this page in the Outback website:

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Re: Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

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Please provide the SolarEdge inverter model number. There were some SolarEdge inverters that used a 48V battery but to my knowledge all current SolarEdge inverters are designed only for the high voltage batteries from SolarEdge or LG Chem.
If your inverter is an HDWave model it is definitely a HV model. Options then are:
- Go with the HV batteries and additional hardware that is required, while understanding the risks of using a lithium-NMC vs LFP chemistry. (NMC chemistry is capable of thermal runaway and is one reason LG Chem recalled all their batteries last year.) I have made a decision to not install NMC chemistry lithium batteries on any occupied structure.
- Use AC coupling to as previously described.
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Re: Where can I find wiring diagrams for connecting an EnergyCell battery to an existing setup?

Post by Mike Curran »

If you need to add a battery-based inverter for AC coupling, if I were you I would consider Outback's Mojave hybrid inverter, which is designed specifically for an AC coupling application. https://outbackpower.com/products/item/mojave-inverter Outback also offers a Mojave package that includes a battery but it's the type fcwlp is not recommending. The Mojave quick start guide has a wiring diagram but it may not be what your electrician is looking for. Https://outbackpower.com/downloads/docu ... ve_qsg.pdf
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