Possible to Set Max AC In for 2 circumstances?

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Possible to Set Max AC In for 2 circumstances?

Post by pumasMalas »

Does the VFXR or Radian (w/ flexmax 100) series allow to set a maximum input for AC in?

I have 2 issues when the inverter draws max power from AC in.

1. With VFXR, using an underpowered generator (3k Watts), but it works good for as an emergency circuit. The battery bank has power to run a washing machine, but it will pull on the generator first which overloads it.

2. Radian 8048A x 3 chained. Planning hooking up to the grid for emergency backup only (when hydro fails & batteries run dry).
We want to minimize the amps pulled from the grid as an emergency recharge. Our service is 60 amps @ 240v. But we only want to pull on our backup circuit say 15 amps (or 30) @ 240v.

The distance from the radians to the meter is approx. 300 meters (0/1 AWG x 2 with localized grounds). so really drawing less amps is both cheaper & less line loss.

How can we set the hub to limit the amount of AC IN, so
a) it doesn't overload the generator
b) we minimize line loss & expenses on the backup circuit
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Re: Possible to Set Max AC In for 2 circumstances?

Post by raysun »

Both inverter types allow adjustment of maximum AC Input current.
It's not listed in your profile, but you must have a Mate3s system controller to make the adjustments.
Starting with the VFXR class inverter:
The unit has a single set of AC INPUT terminals, but has two profiles in firmware - Grid and Gen. To minimize confusion, use the Gen profile to program the parameters for the generator. On the Mate, navigate to Setup for the inverter, and select the AC Input menu. Within that menu will be a parameter for Gen AC Input Limit, set the value to the rated continuous output from the generator.

The Radian inverters will have a similar setting.
Radians have two discrete sets of AC INPUT terminals.
However, with three of them configuration gets a bit more tricky. Assuming they are Parallel stacked (for 3X peak output), the Master inverter will always be active, and the Slave inverters "sleeping" until called upon. There is a threshold at which the Slaves will be activated. I'm not sure what it is, as I am neither a Radian or Grid user. The manual should explain the process in detail: https://www.outbackpower.com/downloads/ ... manual.pdf

The available AC input (from the grid in this case) is divided among the active inverters. IIRC, the charger section of the Radian manual explains the process of calculating the apportionment (and how to disable unneeded chargers.)
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