System not powering up, Mate3s showing 500v

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System not powering up, Mate3s showing 500v

Post by byohnd »

ok, so the other weekend i installed a SystemEdge 830BLU-300AFCI system. we got it running and all seemed ok. we left cabin the following day so we turned everything off as we didnt really go through it all yet and have it dialed in, was returning in 2 weeks. now we went back and when we turn it on we have this pop up on the screen. has anyone seen this before?
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Re: System not powering up, Mate3s showing 500v

Post by pss »

IMO your Mate 3S has a corrupted SD card if present or the Mate 3S firmware itself is corrupted.

If an SD card is present in the Mate, then power off the Mate by removing the ethernet cable that goes to the hub or another outback device, not the one to the ethernet network.
Then remove the SD card and take it to a desktop pc.

Perform a file check by seeing if you can read the directory contents correctly or if it is garbled characters. If so, reformat the card and reload onto the card the Outback firmware for your outback products.

After the SD card has been removed from the Mate, restore power to the Mate. If it is now running properly, complete the repairs on the SD card mentioned above and then you can re-insert it into the Mate when the Mate is powered off.

If the mate does not power up normally without the SD card, then you will need to try and force a firmware up date of the Mate from the clean SD card you made.
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Re: System not powering up, Mate3s showing 500v

Post by raysun »

A 500V battery reading is seemingly impossible.
@pss suggestion that the Mate firmware is corrupt is a reasonable starting place.
Mentally walking through the system to envision anything that could legitimately generate such a high voltage leads only to a possibly misconfigured solar array. What model solar panels are installed? How are the arrays configured?
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