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What is the minimum wattage genset that will let the FX2532 charge up the battery bank? I have a portable genset that is rated 1,600 continuous on propane. My diesel genset is inop so I'm looking for a temporary backup for use while at anchor.
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Re: FX2532MT

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Wow! That's a collector's item inverter model. At first I thought 2532 was a typo, but no, its a real thing! (Somebody must have had a big pile of 8V batteries in the lab.)
Looking at the specs, maximum AC Input current is 30A(AC). Maximum DC charging current is 35A(DC). The charging power, at maximum, would be around 35A x 32V = 1.1kW. I'm guessing the maximum AC Input current for the charger is about 12A.
Whether the 1.6kW rated generator will support charging depends on the loads on the inverter while charging is taking place. The generator output will be about 13A(AC), and that will be split between loads and charging. The loads have priority so will take what they need, with the remainder going to charging. If the loads exceed 1.6kW the inverter will drop the generator and draw battery power.
To make the system work as smoothly as possible set the Generator AC Input Current Limit to the rated AC output of the generator (13A or so.) Set the Charger AC Input limit to the value that safely charges the battery during Bulk. The maximum setting (12A or so) will result in 35A DC charging current.
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