Dual Inverter Grid Zero Optics RE behavior

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Dual Inverter Grid Zero Optics RE behavior

Post by bezalel »

I'll throw this one into the OpticsRE category because that is where the behavior is observed.

System with dual Radian 8048As. Moving the cursor over the OpticsRE Power Flow inverter symbol shows this popup info:

Status Mode Details
Port 1 Inverter State - Offsetting Grid Zero Load 0.87 KW
Port 2 Inverter State - Slave Off Grid Zero Load 1.36 KW, Grid 1.25 KW

The Slave is always shown as Off, even when total loads for each inverter are 3 to 5 KW, morning, noon, or night.
In daytime excess solar production periods the Slave inverter should be supporting loads from the batteries / solar, not taking from grid.
Is 'Slave Off' a normal Status in this situation? The Slave is not acting like it is off. I know there is always some grid use to maintain contact, but this seems to be a strange behavior when the object is to zero out the grid use.

Inverter battery charging is turned off for both, 4 charge controllers handle the battery charging. 12KW PV panelage, 3400AH 48VDC batt set.
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Re: Dual Inverter Grid Zero Optics RE behavior

Post by Sandra Herrera »

The slave reporting ÔÇ£OffÔÇØ it is not necessarily wrong, the master will do most of the work until it need assistance from the slave.
If the master is capable of supporting the demand the slave will report as ÔÇ£OffÔÇØ
Could you verify if the MATE3 is reporting the same state?
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Re: Dual Inverter Grid Zero Optics RE behavior

Post by chinezbrun »

any resolution in this post?
same behavior noticed in VFXR master /slave Grid Zero and Grid Tie mode
see also the post viewtopic.php?p=95822#p95822
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