Battery causing the GFDI to trip

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Battery causing the GFDI to trip

Post by Shiante »

The GFDI does not trip when only the PV Array is connected. But it trips as soon as I connect the battery.

How do I fix this problem?

System description:
This is a new installation of Flex Power One, with the following key components:
1. MATE3 Serial Number MA1614F0100289
2. Inverter Model VFXR3048E and Serial number VFXR1545F1623283
3. FlexMax 80
4. FlexNet DC
5. Lithium Ion Battery
5.1 Nominal voltage: 48v
5.2 Rated capacity: 100Ah
5.3 Rated reserved energy: 4800Wh
5.4 Standard charging current: 20A
5.5 Standard discharging current: 50A
5.6 Maximum continuous discharging current: 100A
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Re: Battery causing the GFDI to trip

Post by raysun »

Just as a general precaution, the charge controller should never be attached to PV without first being attached to the battery, or damage to the unit can result.

Does GFDI trip when the the battery is connected but the PV disconnected?

If no, does it trip when the PV is subsequently connected?

The GFDI is wired to disconnect the charge controller from the battery in the event of a ground fault in the PV array. If it continues to trip when the controller is properly connected: battery first, then PV, look for the ground fault in the array wiring.
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