Flexmax 100 AFCI crashes / lockups

Discussion about the FM100 AFCI Charge Controller
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Flexmax 100 AFCI crashes / lockups

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I have 2 Flexmax 100 AFCI charge controllers. One unit has crashed / frozen on 3 occasions over the past 3 months, all shortly after sunset, when the charge controller has gone into discharge state. The unit is completely unresponsive, is not recognised by the Mate3S and fails to produce PV power the next morning. I have to completely remove all power from the unit and then it starts up and runs normally.

My charge controller #2 has also had a similar issue when producing low PV power at the end of the day, with charge controller #1 "asleep" (not needed to produce any power due to low consumption on the system). When I plugged in a power-pack to charge on the system (AC side), CC#1 "woke up" to produce additional PV power for the new load, and CC#2 froze / crashed. I had to remove all power to restart the unit. This scenario has happened twice.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Outback support has been utterly useless in investigating the issue.
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Re: Flexmax 100 AFCI crashes / lockups

Post by EA6LE-ONE »

Please list all your equipment: inverter, battery, FNDC(if any), HUB, Mate, solar panels ...
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