Batteries Won't Charge

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Batteries Won't Charge

Post by Rlazyjranch »

Hello I am new to solar and 100% off grid. Our system is only a month or two old.we had to installed as we were building our house. Tomorrow is move-in day and we have yet to get it to operate reliably. Today was beautiful 50° and not a cloud in the sky and my system did not charge at all. the state of charge has been slowly going down for 4 days without anything but a light or a fan on for this week for a couple hours. I tried to trouble shoot and tried to choose bulk charge this morning. The system said "bulk charge started" but nothing happened.

This happened a few weeks ago and we called the company's tech out who knew nothing about our system or the type of batteries we are using. he said he did some programming modifications but has never been able to explain what that entailed or how we could replicate that.

We are starting from square one and learning the vocabulary as best we can any help is appreciated. We are in the mountains and expected to have cold weather next week in the teens. Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions.
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Re: Batteries Won't Charge

Post by raysun »

There are several components in an off-grid "solar power" system that work in concert to provide power. If you can identify and list them all in your profile, it will help you become oriented to all the parts, and help us have a fuller picture of the system.

Inverter model (Radian, it appears, either 8048A or 4048A)
Battery model (SimpliPhi. Which model? How many "monoblocks"?)
System Controller (Mate3 or 3s)
Battery Monitor
Solar Charge Controller(s)
Solar panel model and array configurations
Balance of system components (solar panel combiner box(es), AC wiring panel, DC wiring panel).

Its hard to know what one doesn't know, of course. Take pictures of all the components and post them here. (2mb file limit for each image.) We can help you get oriented once we see what all is in the system.

Its incumbent on those of us living off-grid in remote locations to develop requisite expertise on our critical support systems. For solar power using Outback gear, you've come to the right place.
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