Flex Power 1 Db level and heat

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Flex Power 1 Db level and heat

Post by vols34 »

I plan on mounting my FP1 unit in a sleeping loft of a tiny house, 36x8. Does anyone know the noise level and heat that the inverter will throw off when it is being used. Also, is this something that should be mounted in the house? Starting to think that it may be too much noise.
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Re: Flex Power 1 Db level and heat

Post by raysun »

The primary noise is from the cooling fans during charging, though heavy loads may also cause the inverter fan to activate. Heat shedding during most other times is modest.

The FP1 panel is best placed nearest the battery to minimize losses from the high current circuit.

If the mounting location is being chosen in the house so you can monitor easily via the Mate, then know it can easily be detached from the panel and its connection extended with a "straight-through" Cat-5 ethernet cable.
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Re: Flex Power 1 Db level and heat

Post by Surfpath »

I have 6years on my Fp1.
My controller fan provides most of the noise (non scientific sound level = small hand held vacuum cleaner?). It kicks in around 10am at the peak of absorb and runs periodically (for 5 minutes every 20 minutes) till float at 12:30pm. If I run my washing machine (or some other largish AC load) the VFX inverter fan will kick on a little (same Db level as the controller fan). I dont think heat will be an issue unless your tiny house is already located in a hot climate with no cooling. If you can mount the FP1 to the outside of the house with the mate inside as vols suggests you will hear the fans less, but will your unit be secure and safe from prying fingers who may want to play with the FM80's controls, or mess with the electrical connections?

Suggestion: I'd try to keep it inside but perhaps in the loft (heat rises anyway, also it'll be near the PV) in a 'closet' vented to the outside?? You'll typically be downstairs during the day when the fans would want to come on. Then I'd run my mate, using CAT5 cable, downstairs for convenient spot checking. Just a few ideas.
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Re: Flex Power 1 Db level and heat

Post by Megunticook »

I have a FlexPower Radian, so somewhat larger system, but in our case we decided to mount it in a nearby outbuilding along with the batteries and I'm very glad we did. That level of noise in the house would annoy me--the FM80 fans are especially loud. As for heat, I wouldn't say it gets super hot but there's definitely enough heat that I wouldn't want it inside the house during the hotter days of summer.

In short, I'd recommend not putting it in your home unless you don't mind a fair bit of noise.
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