Looking at once a week operation....a timer circut?

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Looking at once a week operation....a timer circut?

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Hello, I'm a desert dweller. Hot temps. Batteries short lived. I leave for 5 months each summer and leave the system on. I've tried leaving it running with a small AC load or with no load, inverters shut down. Battery life is only @ 60% of manufacturers estimates. (wet batteries - S480) Temps in battery room exceed 110 degrees. MX60 is temp compensated.
We have ventilation, but moving 110 deg air is......?
Looking to see if I can reduce battery cycles by only having MX60 come on line for one 24 hr period per week. Six less cycles.
A. Does this sound like a reasonable idea?
B. Is there a way to install a separate 60 amp bat breaker in series with a relay? Or is there a simpler way to cut in to the power to the computer?
B. Shorten absorb? Lower absorb/float set points?
Help is appreciated.

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