FLEXware 500... DC breaker placement

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FLEXware 500... DC breaker placement

Post by Steven M »

Have contacted Outback support, but no answer yet, hoping someone here can advise. The system has two VFX2812'S, two FM80, Hub and Mate. Each array for summer is 1225 watt (reducing in winter by one 175 watt panel). The DC side has two 250 amp breakers and four 80 amp breakers. Due to almost being at max for each FM80, I will be replacing two 80 amp with two Outback 100 amp on the battery side, at the same time installing #2 wire also on the battery side. My question is since the knock outs that would normally be used for the 100 amp breakers have been used for the 250 amp, can I drill new screw holes for placing the 100 amp breakers on the side knock outs or cut and modify the front panel for placement of the 100 amp breakers? I hope I have explained this, so it makes sense. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: FLEXware 500... DC breaker placement

Post by tallgirl »

You should be able to find a 100 amp breaker in the same size as the 80's.

Check Maverick Solar Enterprises -- they are my preferred supplier (because they are 25 miles from here ...) and tend to have these types of parts.

Julie in Texas

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