Skybox drawing on battery and throttling solar

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Skybox drawing on battery and throttling solar

Post by JEsdorn »

Yesterday, the grid was down for 12 hours. During that time, the Skybox inverter didn't fully cover the .5 KW consumption of my house even though there was at least 3KW solar available. Instead, it drew .2KW from the battery and only covered the balance .3KW from the solar. As a result, the battery ended up 1/3 discharged at the end of the day.

In addition, the Skybox didn't recharge the battery right away after the grid came back on but waited until shortly before midnight to do so. What is wrong?

Many thanks for any help you can provide!
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Re: Skybox drawing on battery and throttling solar

Post by Mike Curran »

Skybox will not (re)charge the battery until voltage falls to the rebulk setpoint, and/or the next morning when the sun comes up. You can manually start a rebulk by hitting the "Reset" button from the web interface (or at the local panel).

I dropped the grid yesterday just to see how mine would perform today in restoring the battery. Here's the graph with SOC:
Screenshot_20240628_145727_Samsung Internet.jpg
PV brought SOC up from 72% to 95% over 6 hours - it took that long to bring battery voltage up from a minimum of 52.3V to my absorb setpoint and hold it there for 10 minutes absorb time. Still didn't make 100% SOC.Here's the corresponding KW graph, FWIW.
Screenshot_20240628_152031_Samsung Internet.jpg
I didn't try restoring grid before midnight to see when it might start recharging the battery but probably not at all unless battery voltage decayed to rebulk setpoint.

I was planning to respond sooner but my internet access got lost (a tree fell on the fiber line up the street, also caused a short grid outage).
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