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Post by jbakker »

This post is not related in any way to inverters, solar power or anything related to it.

This is a bit of history that is kind of cool I think, back in 1965 an Avro Lancaster was retired from the Canadian Airforce and the Goderich Legion put it on display at the Goderich Airport on a pedestal. In 1977 it was bought by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.
11 years later it was back in flying condition. The plane had never made it back to Goderich in the years since this past weekend.
60 years to the day it landed it came back for 2 days. Took my daughters to see it.
Was very cool and humbling to see this machine made for destruction flying still. Of the 7000 ish built over the war year's there are 2 left flying in the world.
Thought I would share this.
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Re: History

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Thank you for sharing! Way cool
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Re: History

Post by raysun »

When I see those old bombers, I can't help but think of the bravery of the crews that flew into harm's way in those crates.
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