Coexist? Mate3 & AXS Port on a Hub?

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Coexist? Mate3 & AXS Port on a Hub?

Post by eastrader »

I have a friend who has a small problem. When moving his Mate 3 from the solar room to a better location in his off-grid home the cables got reversed..
Thus the internet port on the Mate3s is dead but the Mate3s does work still (no motherboard available to buy). However, to remote monitor his system can we add the AXS Port?
I have read the manual but it does not cover both devices on the Hub.

Suggestions, ideas? Experience?
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Re: Coexist? Mate3 & AXS Port on a Hub?

Post by raysun »

The Mate3 and the AXS Port cannot be active on the same Hub.
If not replacing the Mate3s with another, an AXS Port is a viable alternative - especially paired with Andrew Welch's WattPlot program.
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