Neutral Bonding

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Neutral Bonding

Post by Smith3970 »

Hi All, I'm new to the forums and have several questions, I'll ask each one separate over time to stay focused. My system of two 48V Outback inverters has always had the neutral bonded to earth in the PS2 enclosure, that has always been the only neutral earth bond. The house main and various other panels are unbonded to the neutral. We connected to the Grid last November and had an electrician wire in the 400 amp service entrance on a stand alone pedestal close to the power company transformer. I noticed he bonded the neutral to ground in the service and when I questioned that, he maintained that the only neutral ground bond had to be at the first panel. He recommended that if I had any other neutral/earth bonds I should remove them.
So this is where I'm at now, two bonds which flies in the face of Outback Powers guide lines. If I go with the electricians plan and the grid goes down like it did for several days this winter, my equipment grounds have no access to a neutral to blow a breaker in a timely manner. If I leave both, Outback may not honor warranties.
I found several posts that almost fit my question but not a final opinion
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Re: Neutral Bonding

Post by raysun »

The general guidance is for the N-G bond to be at the source of AC. Logically, this is best at the service entrance, so the pedestal would meet the guidance (and perhaps, code.)
If the grid goes down, why would the N-G bond be impacted?
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