Mate3 hardware/software defect

Mate3 and Mate3s communications devices for Outback Power
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Mate3 hardware/software defect

Post by astro209 »

So, my mate 3 apparently died today? I had no idea they could just stop working for no apparent reason.

I see a lot of other folks mentioning having the same exact issue... the lock button no longer functions, and the device has dropped off the network. It is impossible to reset the device and it is basically a $300+ brick.

OUTBACK team, what have you done and what are you doing to resolve this issue? This does not appear to be a customer created issue. I'm sure I don't need to explain the very uncomfortable situation this creates for folks like myself who are living off grid and rely on this equipment to function reasonably normally. I'm sure larger businesses using this equipment would also be adversely affected.

I have raised a ticket and called in, but no response and no one available to help.

Admittedly I'm very frustrated at the moment and honestly this makes me very hesitant to continue to invest in these expensive products.

I was just about to invest in the Flexnet DC unit to begin monitoring my battery, but this has changed my perspective. Can someone from the support team at least reach out and help me to get back on to OpticsRE with my hub so I can get back into the configuration of my Radian? I was right in the middle of trying to setup Flex time to change AC modes during the day. Maybe this triggered the Mate3 defect?

Either way, this is exactly that... a hardware or software defect that should be handled by the manufacturer.

Sounds like customers are being told they are out of luck and have to spend another $300+ to buy a new device that could do the same thing at any time.

This is very untenable and heart breaking... because, so far, everything else is awesome.
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Re: Mate3 hardware/software defect

Post by raysun »

How old is the Mate?
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Re: Mate3 hardware/software defect

Post by intellact »

Yes, your situation must be very frustrating, astro209. :mad: I'm sorry to hear that it has happened to yet another system owner. :sad:

By all means, pursue this with OutBack Support. I hope you get some response. :roll:

Might I suggest that you consider replacing your MATE3 with an AXS Port device. I have found the AXS Port (which is cheaper) to be more reliable. It does not have the display, but it supports an internal webpage, allowing you to view your system activity directly from the AXS Port through any internet browser. It also supports OPTICSre - the online monitoring and settings tool, if your system is connected to the internet. If you really want functionality that goes beyond what the MATE3S even offered, that is easily done with inexpensive software, such as WattPlot ACKcess.
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