FX-2012MT Not Inverting. Not looking Good!

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FX-2012MT Not Inverting. Not looking Good!

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Good day everyone my FX 2012, MT has taken a turn for the worst.
Couple of days ago and start turning off and on off and on so I shut it down.
Been Doing some troubleshooting on it.
Long story short, it’s not inverting anymore.
The resistance between positive positive and negative lugs is around 300ohms.
Can’t see any damage to the Fets, hoping the 300 ohms clears them of the problem the two little green wires that come out of the transformer, looked like one had melted a little little bit on the PC board. I cleaned it up and it still has continuity. I’m guessing that’s a thermister on the transformer:
The transformer has continuity on primary and secondary if that’s how it set up everything seems to look good on the AC board on the control board the mini LEDs for the drivers show two bright and two dim and that’s only if you put AC into it and it does seem to charge the batteries when you try to get it to invert there is no error lights.
I replaced the ribbon cables, but hasn’t seem to make a difference.

Not quite sure what my next move is any thoughts would be appreciated short of that it will become a boat anchor unless possibly it’s worth sending it in. It’s a 2011.

Thanks in advance. George