Small dc panel for outbuilding.

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Small dc panel for outbuilding.

Post by fgeremia »

I need to install a small panel for a few light circuits - 24V dc - for a small building next to my home.
It’s my understanding that square D QO series of load centers and breakers can be used. Is this correct? My Outback load center is in my home, and I’d prefer to have a separate load center with breakers right in the outbuilding.
Thanks, Dan
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Re: Small dc panel for outbuilding.

Post by fcwlp »

I thought QO were DC rated to 35-40V but current spec sheets do not list. I knew you could not use on a 48V system.
I normally use a Midnite Solar box like this, for DC breakers. You have been off-grid for long enough to likely have accumulated some breakers that will fit the box. If not, the Midnite breakers are cheaper than QOs.
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