Outback/Northstar Blue+ AGM battery

Discussion about the OutBack Energy Cell Batteries
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Outback/Northstar Blue+ AGM battery

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Does anyone have experience with these batteries?
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Re: Outback/Northstar Blue+ AGM battery

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One year review of 12 Northstar blue batteries.
Very happy with the batteries! Edit: So far So Good.
Main reason for thier purchase was my experience installing them in communication switching stations and not having any problems with them.
Purchased mine from NAZ, they are an outback-power-northstar-nsb190ft-blue-agm-pure-lead-carbon-battery.
I believe these batteries are as close as you can get to Lithium batteries in performance. Edit: in a lead based package.

I did a six month re-torque in May and a 1 year re-torque this last week.

Each individual battery voltage have been checked weekly since going on line last November.

Maintenance requirements copied and pasted below from manual.
11 Maintenance
In absence of automatic monitoring systems the following maintenance is recommended:
Every 6 months check voltage of the power plant and individual voltages of the monoblocs. If the battery is judged to be fully charged no unit shall deviate more than 0.15 V from other units.
Check the batteries for integrity and cleanliness. If necessary clean the dirty units.

Measured voltages are for each 48 volt string and are taken after the batteries have been at rest for 1 hour.
Then voltages at rest for each individual battery is recorded.

One of the key features I like about these Industrial Telecom batteries is thier charge rate, which is unlimited.
Typical daily usage is to draw from the inverter during sun hours while being sure to reach Charge Parameters Met (CPM) as often as possible. CPM has not been met for a total of 6 days in the last year.
Daily average Kwh use during the summer was 22Kwh and the current winter average daily use is 6 Kwh.
Use 3 to 4Kwh overnight and recharge next day.
The average daily state of charge in the morning before daylight is 94%. Lowest state of charge was last winter at 81% for one day.
We watch the loads like a hawk and manually switch them as needed to maintain the state of charge.

My expectation is to get at least 4,000 charge cycles out of them in the low Depth of Discharge application I am using. Yet to be seen though.
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