GS8048 AC Coupled System with Three Stacks

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GS8048 AC Coupled System with Three Stacks

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We have a system installed that consists of three GS8048 inverters, AC-coupled to an SMA Sunnyboy 7kW inverter. The system was installed in early 2019 as an off-grid generator-only system. The inverters and AGS worked flawlessly throughout 2019. In early 2020, the SMA Sunnyboy and PV array were installed. The Radian firmware was updated to version 1.6.70 on all three GS8048 inverters. An installer password was created, and the frequency watt control was enabled. A contactor was installed between the Radian output and the grid-tie inverter. This contactor is opened by the AC output of the generator, physically isolating the grid-tie inverter from the generator.

The AC-coupled charging worked perfectly all summer, and the array is large enough that the AGS did not call for the generator to run.

About a month ago, the low sun hours caused by the time of year meant that the AGS was calling for the generator to run. The Radian accepts the generator power and starts to ramp up charging. As soon as the charger exceeds about 6000 watts, the generator controller goes into fault. The generator controller indicates a frequency fault and shuts down. We suspected a generator problem and had a generator service professional take a look at the generator. They brought a test load bank and ran the generator to 30kW with no issues.

The only change I can see is the firmware. Does anyone else have a problem with charging on version 1.6.70?
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