Ac Input Trouble - Help!

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Ac Input Trouble - Help!

Post by RonHerbin »

I recently purchased an RV with an Outback MX60 charge controller with a Renogy 3000w 12v-120v... Seems to work great on solar but when plugging in to an AC outlet the Renogy converter system beeps and shuts down. I believe the Renogy needs to go to BYPASS mode. Any ideas? This is my first solar power experience.
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Re: Ac Input Trouble - Help!

Post by Jesse Lankhaar »

Please contact technical support at 360 618 4363 M-F 6am-5pm PST
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Re: Ac Input Trouble - Help!

Post by fcwlp »

Jesse Lankhaar wrote: Mon Aug 07, 2023 2:18 pm Please contact technical support at 360 618 4363 M-F 6am-5pm PST
I doubt that OB is going to give you any support for a Renogy inverter. :grin:

I have installed only one Renogy inverter in a camper. My only suggestion is to get a manual and see if there is an error code that is explained in the manual. As I recall, the one I installed was a pretty simple install. Does the issue happen with both small and large loads? If only on larger loads, you may have an issue with the wiring from the battery or the batteries.
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