Meter Reading Load instead of Grid

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Meter Reading Load instead of Grid

Post by konakool »

Trying to see if I can get help here where our electric meter is reading all of the load from the house instead of just the grid load. Have tried calling the electric company and they say I should check with the installer. Installer has skipped town and is no one else around me knows how to work with an Outback system.

  • Solar: 16 panels 5000W
  • Storage: 8 x WSS Battery Bank Fullriver AGM 415 Ah
  • Inverter: GS8040A
  • Charge Controllers: 8 x FM100-300VDC
  • Gateway: MATE3S
  • Grid Mode: Mini-grid
Our meter read the 519kWh last month even though our OpticsRE system says we only pulled 208kWh from the grid. It's a pretty large gap so well beyond the 5% error threshold.

Any thoughts on what could be going on? Installer swears it was wired up correctly. Utility swears the meter is accurate. I swear I'm going crazy.
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Jesse Lankhaar
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Re: Meter Reading Load instead of Grid

Post by Jesse Lankhaar »

Please call the Technical Support Center M-F PST 6am-5pm, 360.618.4363.

We can assist with Troubleshooting, Q&A, Warranty, and more. We may have someone in your area available to assist via our Installer Community Map.
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- 12 Surrette/Rolls 2V x 1766Ah (2007)
- Hub10.3, Mate3s, FNDC, RTS. Tigo ES maximizers on each PV module.

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Re: Meter Reading Load instead of Grid

Post by Mike Curran »

How much energy were you billed for? I ask because if you're like me, your utility provider's invoices incorrectly indicate what you've imported as "usage", without taking into account what you export to grid. However, in my case my bills do reflect the net import minus export.

So what I'm saying is maybe your billing is correct, your utility (like mine) just hasn't updated their billing software for us PV/grid-tied folks to show true usage.
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