Mate 3 update problem

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Mate 3 update problem

Post by Aidan.lindsay2 »

G'day, I have a mate 3 and I need to update it, I've downloaded the files on an sd card, and when I insert the SD card and go to update it is says, m3e.bin not found on SD card?
It clearly shows it on the SD card when I have it on the computer and I've tried 2 different SD cards? What's happening
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Re: Mate 3 update problem

Post by raysun »

What is the current firmware version installed? What is the update version?

The Mate3 does not have the world's most robust OS and can be somewhat finniky when reading SD cards. I've found it has trouble with high capacity cards, and cards not newly formatted (FAT32). I had to scrounge around to find an old 8GB SD card (that came with the Mate3) to get it reading reliability.
Having said that, it's worth giving the current SD card a go, by the following:
• Use an SD card of 32GB or less.
I ended up going all the way back to an 8GB card.
• Format FAT32
Do a full format (not quick), it takes forever.
• Copy the new firmware files to the SD card per Outback instructions
• Give the update a go.
There is an alternate update technique that works at times when the Update Firmware menu selection does not:
▪︎ Power down the Mate by unplugging from the Hub (or inverter).
▪︎ Insert the SD Card
▪︎ Press and hold the UP button while powering up the Mate. Continue holding the UP button until the firmware update starts.

Good luck!
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Re: Mate 3 update problem

Post by sinceicicle »

I don't know where the problem lies but after I followed the instructionscoreball it still doesn't work.
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