External meter/display

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External meter/display

Post by Schmitzcuracao »

Hi guys, sorry to even consider this....
Is there any other (budget friendly) option for an external displlay/meter other than the mate for my flexmax 60?

I can't easy seem to find one around where I live. And still have an old TM50 display lying around... Would it be compatible?

Any other tip?
Tnx slot.
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Re: External meter/display

Post by raysun »

Not sure what a TM50 is, but there are several "current counting" battery monitors that can be used. None will have the tight integration with the charge controller as the Mate/FLEXnet DC would have, but none of them would set you back $1k either.

My favorite "other" monitor is the Victron BMV7xx series.

If you habitually carry a smart phone with Bluetooth, the Victron Smart Shunt is a great choice to consider. https://www.victronenergy.com/battery-m ... tery-shunt
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