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outback flexmax 60

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Hi Guys
I have a flexmax 60 and have 3 solar panels in parallel feeding it they are 320 watts 24 volts each I believe , last year I hook up 5 of these panel and have them all in parallel and was kicking out the charge controller on a sunny day, i am on a 12 volt battery bank because my inverter is only from 12vdc to 120ac , i look at the spec for the flexmax 60 and it says- NEC recommended solar maximum array STC nameplate (12vdc system -750 watts) (24 vdc system -1500 watts) when they say 12 volt system do they mean my battery bank or the input of my solar panels , what do i do to set up the maximum amount of panels on this charge controller , as i have i deal on 10 panels at a steal
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Re: outback flexmax 60

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For a 12 volt system you are limited to 750 watts. The FM60 will take the output voltage from your panels and drop it to the nominal charging voltage for your 12 volt battery. If you have 5 320 watt panels in parallel the current created will overload the FM60. If you have a total of 15 of these panels you will need a larger or separate charge controller. The FM60 cannot handle that much output even if you change the battery to 48 volts. As you have noticed, the FM60 can handle 750 watts at 12 volts 1500 at 24 volts and 3000 at 48 volts.
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