MX60- no PV input voltage

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MX60- no PV input voltage

Post by funksparky »

Hello, I hope someone can help. MX60 screen says sleeping. PV voltage is present in DC load center on array side of breaker with PV input breaker to MX60 turned off, but as soon as it is turned on it goes to zero. Multimeter neg probe on PV in NEG. MX 60 screen just shows battery voltage, no PV volts 000. Sleeping.

Seems like perhaps it's internally shorted between NEG and POS PV in? Just happened the other day, tried several shutdowns/ restarts, no change. Is it fried? The PV array was changed last fall and has been working really well. We are pushing the envelope a bit with Voc, (117) and array watts 840W, but even in the cold climate it seems to have been fine all winter. 3x Trina 280W in series. 12 battery bank.

Anyone have any input? We can still charge with the genny, but want to user the sun!
Thanks y'all
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Re: MX60- no PV input voltage

Post by MickW69 »

Well I am getting input voltage but no charging, hope someone got back to you eventually about this one.
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Re: MX60- no PV input voltage

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This thread viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13261&p=60163&hilit ... oot#p60163 suggests
For a different test, you can disconnect the PV from the charge controller. If the PV voltage on the screen goes to 0V then there is an internal problem with the MX60. PV voltage should rest somewhere below the battery voltage. On my 12V system at work, the charge controller reads 10.4V in and 13.8V out with the PV disconnected.
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