Charge controller charge settings

Discussion about the MX60 Charge Controller

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Charge controller charge settings

Post by jackofalldaves »

My question is about where/how to set charge points since my batteries are old and have lower capacity etc.
The controllers keep trying to charge them but only reach 78% and is taking away from the system because it won't stop trying to charge them.
I am due for new batteries but for the time being I need to adjust the settings or manually turn the charge controllers off after late morning. Any advice is welcomed thanx
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Re: Charge controller charge settings

Post by fcwlp »

It would help to have a few more details on your system. What is telling you the max charge is at 78%? Seven batteries is an unusual number, have you pulled one from the string?
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Re: Charge controller charge settings

Post by sodamo »

Just curious, but what is point of turning the CC off at late morning?
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