Use MX60 to see charge in batteries?

Discussion about the MX60 Charge Controller

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Use MX60 to see charge in batteries?

Post by Booms »


Newbie here. I've bought a campervan with a 360W solar array, an MX60 controller and (I believe) about 3kWh of leisure batteries.

So far everything works great and I've not had to worry about it, but I wondered if there was a way I could use the MX60 to see how many stored kWh I have available?
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Re: Use MX60 to see charge in batteries?

Post by Kurt Lundquist »

Hello Booms,

The MX60 isn't a battery monitor so you cannot directly use it as a gas gauge. It does show battery voltage though so you can use that as a baseline. Relating battery voltage to battery state of charge (SoC) is tricky though. Here is an article that covers some of the details ... -of-charge


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Re: Use MX60 to see charge in batteries?

Post by raysun »

As Kurt said, the MX60 is a battery charger, and does not function as a battery monitor.

It can, however, give some essential information. As a charger, it uses the battery voltage and its programmed "charging smarts" to determine when the battery is fully charged. This, at minimum, gives one a starting point in estimating battery State of Charge (SOC).

If the MX60 is properly configured for the battery, and is showing Float at the end of the charge cycle, one can assume the battery is charged to its capacity. Note that capacity declines over the service life of the battery so the Float state shows full SOC, not how much total charge in Amp Hours it represents.

At the very least, make sure the MX60 is reporting "Float" on a regular, ideally daily, basis.
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