Individual battery voltages in the bank

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Individual battery voltages in the bank

Post by JRHill »

This is hopefully going to be a very boring question. For those that have a bank of PHIs, specifically, 3.8-48, have you checked the voltages? Is it even something you bother with? I'm just curious as my original three are 5 months old and I am now doing the 1st charge on an additional one. After all is done and dressed out and with a few cycles, I think it is a useful comparison.

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Re: Individual battery voltages in the bank

Post by raysun »

I checked mine at 90 and 180 days.

I charged them fully, then let them sit idle for 3 hours, each block "powered off", until there was no change in voltage.

Each block was within 0.1V when measured. I sent the 180 day results to SimpliPhi and they said it was fine.
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