Important Forum Notice: Third-Party Batteries

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Important Forum Notice: Third-Party Batteries

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IMPORTANT: This forum is intended as a place to discuss pairing OutBack inverters, charge controllers and related gear with various third-party batteries. Please note that OutBack equipment is only intended for use with lead-acid and select lithium-ion batteries, so some combinations discussed in this forum may not be supported and could cause safety hazards as well as damage to the equipment that is not covered under the applicable warranties. See our Application Notes for details on supported combinations.
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Re: Important Forum Notice: Third-Party Batteries

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For folks thinking about deploying lithium batteries for energy storage, please take the guidance of the vendors to heart, and heed the explicit integration instructions.

IMO, if the battery vendor, and the power equipment vendor, are not literally on the same page regarding integration and use, then you are incurring considerable risk in the use of the battery.

Experience is the best teacher is a common truism. In the case of lithium battery based power systems, it is best by far if its someone else's experience, especially if that someone has the capability to derive guidance that supports safe, effective, usage of the components.