Mercedes AA Class

Discussion about pairing third-party batteries with OutBack equipment
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Mike Curran
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- 2 grid-tied VFXR3524A-01's series stacked, replaced GVFX's (2020)
- 12 Surrette/Rolls 2V x 1766Ah (2007)
- Hub10.3, Mate3s, FNDC, RTS. Tigo ES maximizers on each PV module.

Westinghouse Solar - Barn roof: (2012)
- 30 (2x15) 235W panels with Enphase M215 microinverters, grid-tied

Outback Skybox - Barn roof: (2019)
- 14 Talesun 275W in series (DC array input to SB inverter/charger)
- 3 SimpliPhi 3.8 batteries, 48V, 225Ah total
- AC coupled input from 14 Talesun 275W, Enphase M215 microinverters

Battery systems operate in grid-tied, battery backup mode
All self-designed and self-installed
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Mercedes AA Class

Post by Mike Curran »

Sorry, had to share this. Apologies to EV fans (I'm one too). [To view, copy and paste into your browser address window. I could not get the hyperlink to work directly.]

or try this: ... es/3021121
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Re: Mercedes AA Class

Post by raysun »

That's priceless!


Now can we send Elon Musk into space to fetch his roadster?
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Re: Mercedes AA Class

Post by JRHill »

Thanks Mike. Oh boy do I know a person to sent this too! The battery dump is fantastic!
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