FM100 AFCI Watt School Videos

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FM100 AFCI Watt School Videos

Post by IanMcCluskey »

We have some new Watt School videos here to kick off the new year!

Full Playlist: ... gJA2a7bk6F
PV Wiring:
General Wiring:
Startup Procedure:
Factory Defaults:
Firmware Update Methods:
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My RE system: PV panels:
Kyocera 120- 120 watt max - (x12)
2 strings of 6 - (36 cell units ? or watt?)
combiner in the E-panel / what breakers? - 15 AMP DC

Charge Controller:
OutBack FlexMax - 80 amp max

Hawker 2 volt used submarine batteries

OutBack FX2524 - sealed unit

OutBack Mate 2 Controller - no hub

Honda EU3000is - not working under load
we now use that little Ryobi

Remainder of system:
Midnite Solar e-Panel thingy ..
looking for a desulfator - is this neccessary?
Location: Puna, Big Island of Hawai'i

Re: FM100 AFCI Watt School Videos

Post by FlyingDiscHawaii »

These videos are "private" not "unlisted".
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