FM100 GFI vs FM100 AFCI - upgradable?

Discussion about the FM100 AFCI Charge Controller
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FM100 GFI vs FM100 AFCI - upgradable?

Post by clarkef »

Just bought four FM100’s a little over a year ago. They are, of course, not the new AFCI that’s just hitting the supply chain.

I like to idea of integrated AFCI in the new models. Has Outback considered an exchange or upgrade offering for the 1st gen FM100’s to the new AFCI model?


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Re: FM100 GFI vs FM100 AFCI - upgradable?

Post by IanMcCluskey »

Hi Clarke, happy new year!

We do not have an exchange program at this time BUT we do plan to roll out a program to encourage installers to try the newest model soon. Within a few months, you will be able to register to receive a cash rebate by sending in a new OPTICS site name with an operational FM100 AFCI. Details will be announced soon.

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