Simpliphi battery setup with Skybox

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Outback Skybox - Barn roof: (2019)
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- AC coupled input from 14 Talesun 275W, Enphase M215 microinverters

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Simpliphi battery setup with Skybox

Post by Mike Curran »

Simpliphi's Outback integration guide states "Unlike most other equipment, the OutBack SkyBox has PHI battery-related settings pre-programmed into versions 1.5.0 and later. Instead of programming custom settings into the equipment (as described in later subsections of this Section 4.0 – Program Settings for PHI Batteries), simply select “SimpliPhi” from the dropdown menu on the SkyBox’s Battery Configuration screen in order to maintain the PHI Battery warranty".

And yet Optics still allows me to set absorb voltage to 54.4 volts, and that's the level my battery sits at until it reaches the end amps setting.

It seems to me that the absorb voltage setpoint should be part of Skybox's Simpliphi configuration, and since absorb voltage is the only parameter that isn't a function of the number of cells in my battery, I would've expected my absorb cycle would use the preprogrammed value, not what I entered.

Unless 54.4 is Simpliphi's recommended absorb? Considering other forum threads regarding this, that seems doubtful. So, should I just leave the absorb voltage setpoint blank, and see what happens? Edit: Oops, Optics won't allow it to be left blank - I set it at the default 56V. I don't think the default changes with the battery type that I enter.

What are other Skybox with Simpliphi owners doing?
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