High & Low battery restart setpoints

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Outback Skybox - Barn roof: (2019)
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- 3 SimpliPhi 3.8 batteries, 48V, 225Ah total
- AC coupled input from 14 Talesun 275W, Enphase M215 microinverters

All self-designed and self-installed
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High & Low battery restart setpoints

Post by Mike Curran »

2 questions about these restart setpoints:

1. Should the low restart be set slightly higher than the low battery cutout setting?
2. Should the high restart be set lower than the high cutout setting?

I ask because I had them set the other way (Edit: I was lazy, left them at the defaults) and changed because I think the answer to both these questions is "Yes". I had some high battery cutout events today, I think because grid voltage rose above what the Skybox could maintain a connection to and the sudden disconnect caused the battery to go high.

Here's how they're set now, after changing them:
Any advice on other setpoints is also welcome.
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