Sky box will not run ac load from grid

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Sky box will not run ac load from grid

Post by jr91055 »

(1) batteries off (2) PV off ( still have PV 64 / 320 failure during startup, pmb afci failure) note: array is producing 540 V to switch and not going to ground, currently double checking to see if panel connectors are all clicked together completely (3) unable to select Use on "Drop / Use" grid during programing (4) RSI is set to on and continuity is present on pins 4 & 12, On / Off button is RED changes to GRAY Clear Faults all GREEN then Solar PV 64 Flash and hard PV 320 failure and off button switches to RED again.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Sky box will not run ac load from grid

Post by Mike Curran »

I've been puzzling over your problem description and to me it's not clear what you're describing. Best I can tell you have an arc fault (since you said you're checking the panel interconnections). It sounds like you have a rapid shutdown system installed. Beware there are some systems (Tigo is one) that aren't compatible with Skybox and will give a false AFCI shutdown. Can you give more info on your system?
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Re: Sky box will not run ac load from grid

Post by Shadow_Storm56 »

Yea we need more info..... that was like a written train of thought that didn't give us much info. All I'm getting is you have power to the skybox but it's not making power? Or is 540v lower than normal?

It is possible to have full voltage and no current, I had this happen back when I was new, 6 inches of a wire turned to green powder with absolutely nothing left and I still had full voltage at the CC but 0 power. I doubt that's ur issue but we don't have much info to go on

We would be glad to help just need more details 😀
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