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Re: OpticsRE - Device Support Survey

Post by sodamo »

raysun wrote: Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:27 pm I'd be happy with whatever was local, universally accessible, and free.

I'd think a leading candidate would be Weather Underground, though I haven't looked at their model in a while.

For my site, I take all weather reporting with a very large dose of salt, due to these extreme variability introduced by the complex terrain and nano-climates.
And that is my major compliant, what OB uses isn’t local enough. I don’t recall the source, although David is probably willing to share. When I last checked it didn’t come close to matching any of the locally available stations especially mine. Guessing it must be free to OB as it doesn’t appear to be of value. Kinda like saying our TV weather report is pertinent.

Edit: https://openweathermap.org/ was the link, maybe still, but 15 miles distant and not relatable. This link was valid OB source in May 2016. Click on my link to right in profile to see comparison to above, but I’m not aware of actual station placement for above.

The Weather Underground app/site had not been as good since the IBM upgrade a year ago. Seems the embedded code of yore is broken but there is API info on the site.
David apparently has a presence in the AG community and does support some 3rd party linking, also provides some embedded codes.
Weatherflow/Tempest also has links and code. Tempest has the solar radiation built in as opposed to Davis VP2 being addon module.

So I still wonder, if OB can use the above link, why not make this configurable so we can choose our own local link.

Apologies to DL for being annoying pest.
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Re: OpticsRE - Device Support Survey

Post by JRHill »

sodamo wrote: Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:56 pmApologies to DL for being annoying pest.
No David, no apologies needed from another one sensitive along these lines. This isn't just about the weather of the day. Heck we can all find that.

But last year at this time? Two or three years back? And how was your solar working at that time and what was the weather? This all ties together. Even to planting the garden.

Yeah, for some of us it is important.
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