NorthStar NSB BLUE+ 190FT Imbalance or Bad Battery

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NorthStar NSB BLUE+ 190FT Imbalance or Bad Battery

Post by kARTechnology »

Hi, I have a 48v setup with a lookalike of NorthStar NSB BLUE+, from LEOCH, PLH+C 190FT with the same spec sheet from Leoch, totaling 190ah 48v
running since 8 months, it was performing well.
I use Bulk 56.4 and Float 54.4 in my inverter, a Voltronic InfiniSolar V 5K Hybrid
power outages are rare and its more like 1-2 hours, and 10 times a month, and load is around 500w to 2000w on battery power. when sun is bright i take it to like 4000w since the power is being pulled from the solar panels.

Recently i tested the battery performance off-grid+after sunset with a 2000w load and found it barely makes 20 mins. at the end the voltage drops rapidly and i checked the batteries individual and found one battery at the first + terminal side of the series was dropping to like 8.5-8v before the inverter shuts down(cut off at 42v) where as the remaining batteries are lying in the 12.7v range.

I am not sure if its a bad battery or charge imbalance, and how do i correct it? I was told a 5 year warranty for these batteries. Can that one battery be revived? force equalize at 14.4 for 4 hrs?

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Re: NorthStar NSB BLUE+ 190FT Imbalance or Bad Battery

Post by raysun »

I've no experience with this battery, but ran very similar EUROBAT designs with similar VRLA/AGM lead-carbon architecture for about 5 years.

One characteristic I noticed is they run great, until they fail catastrophically. You may wish to try a "rejuvenation" charge, but to have one monoblock in a series string behave as described, assuming the interconnect cables are properly torqued, and low, equal resistance, the most likely scenario is cell failure.

You may wish to consult with the distributor/manufacturer about the test requirements needed to submit a warranty claim. The testing can be somewhat arduous.

One suggestion from the picture. The monoblocks should be evenly supported along their bottom surface. There is no benefit to elevating them on less than full support, and it may lead to the weight of the battery distorting the plastic case, which could, in an extreme event, cause the tightly spaced plates to warp.

Good luck!
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