Flex one and midnite solar?

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Flex one and midnite solar?

Post by Big11beard »

I am trouble shooting a flex one system installed in Guatemala. It had over 170Voc hooked up to a FM80. The FM80 I assume is fried because voltage drops close to zero when the breaker is turned on. is the FM80 repairable from over voltage?

More important question is Will the Midnite solar 200 communicate with the flea one system?
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Re: Flex one and midnite solar?

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Can not help on the midnight compatibility but as long as you add a separate battery temp sensor for it, should not really matter,
This may help on the board replacement in the FM, http://legacy.outbackpower.com/pdf/manu ... cement.pdf

Have a good one
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Re: Flex one and midnite solar?

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Please, my FLEXpower TWO FXR is giving some errors, which usually makes the inverter shutdown. The error is shown below and when i checked the troubleshooting manual of your product, I was told its possible the sensor might be bad. Please can anyone help????

FET's 68C 38 C

Caps 57C 38C

Trans 126C 39C
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