VFXR3524A Generator hookup?

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VFXR3524A Generator hookup?

Post by calebcall »

I have installed a VFR3524A at my off-grid cabin. I also purchased the generator relay kit this one as that was what was recommended by the reseller (Northern Arizona Wind and Sun). However, I can't find in any documentation where I'm supposed to install the relay. I also can't figure out where the generator is supposed to wire up to. Right now I have it wired in to the AC Input and it does provide my cabin with power when I run it but it doesn't seem to charge my batteries. After a rough winter this year, my batteries are struggling to get a full charge (it also doesn't help that the last time I snow shoed in to my cabin this winter, I accidentally turned off my panels and left the inverter on :sad: I meant to turn the inverter off and leave the panels on). So I'm hoping to finally hook-up my generator the correct way and let it help keep my batteries happy until I can start to get some good sun up there.

Anyways, any advice or documentation you can point me to on where to install the relay and where I should wire the generator in to? I've read the documentation on configuring my Mate 3 for generator, I think once I can get the physical connection part right, I can figure out the rest but I'm open to any guidance.

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Re: VFXR3524A Generator hookup?

Post by Kurt Lundquist »

See page 28 of the VFXR install manual http://outbackpower.com/downloads/docum ... nstall.pdf

Check your generator manual for remote start or "two-wire" remote start. Hopefully, your generator is a two-wire style start. Three-wire style is more complicated and will not work with the relay that you have.

On the relay, the coil terminals A1/A2 go to the OutBack AUX port. The common terminal (COM) and the normally open terminal (NO) go to the gen two-wire start circuit.

For the battery charging make sure you have the inverter set to Generator mode and that you are using "Generator" input in the Mate3 programming.

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Re: VFXR3524A Generator hookup?

Post by StopperN12 »

Flexpower 1 vfx 3524. I too am looking to connect a backup Generator. The generator is a 240v output. Can this work?
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Re: VFXR3524A Generator hookup?

Post by raysun »

The inverter is 120V, so a 120V outlet from the generator would need to be used. If the output is 240V only, then a transformer between the generator output and the inverter input would be needed.
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