inverter light blinking

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inverter light blinking

Post by Jolenelb »

Last night my Mate 3 on the inverter went from working to searching. What would cause that and what do I need to fix this. We lost all power in the middle of the night, it kept flashing and all the electrical was doing the same in our home. We haven't changed anything and it just started acting up last night. I also noticed that the AC input changed from gen to grid which is not anything we changed. We need help, we have no power going to our appliances.
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Re: inverter light blinking

Post by JeffinthePeace »

You should be able to manually turn your inverter from Search to On.
On the older Mate (which is what I have) one of the hot keys provides that function: switch the inverter On, Off, or put into Search mode.
The bigger question is of course why did it go into Search on itÔÇÖs own, but more info is needed:
What colour is it flashing?
Any other LEDs or indicators?
What is the state of charge of your battery?
Are you grid-tied or off-grid?
More info about your system in general would be helpful, add it to your profile.
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Re: inverter light blinking

Post by Kurt Lundquist »

On the Mate3 press the Inverter button then press ON. This will keep the inverter in ON mode. I've never seen an inverter switch from ON to Search mode. I have seen where inverters were in Search mode and no one knew about it until the house loads dropped enough for the Search feature to activate.

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Re: inverter light blinking

Post by VT_CDN »

You adjust the sensitivity of the search feature for the load it needs to see to start inverting and no search.
With Mate go into FX and find sensitivity 5 is default 9 is a heavy load 3 & 2 is light loads like diode lights .

My bug is IT won't go into search !! with no loads .
setting is 9 , at 5 it worked last year ..

Im looking to see if others had this issue ,, But knew this one

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Point to thread that might help
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