My inverter gave me an internal fan failure warning.

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My inverter gave me an internal fan failure warning.

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Hello, I live in The Bahamas and I have had my system for about 4 years now. I got an warning around in early October about my internal fan failure. I talked with support and they said to test to see if the fans would start up and they didn't so they said I needed a power supply board. Fast forward through a tedious RMA process and now I replaced the power supply board and when I start the system up the fans cut on but I still get the warning, even worse the fans don't cut on periodically which leads me to still get the warning. Is there any techs that can help with this issue?
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Re: My inverter gave me an internal fan failure warning.

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I would file a tech support request with OB. It sounds like whatever mechanism that senses fan operation isn't working properly (Captain Obvious here).
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