Mate3 Firmware Update or Total Replacement

Mate3 and Mate3s communications devices for Outback Power
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Mate3 Firmware Update or Total Replacement

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If I update the firmware on the Mate3, are the internal settings that have been adjusted over time retained in the system?

Secondly, if I were to replace the Mate3 with a new unit (as the current one may be dead) how do I retain the current system settings that I have set over time during use?

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Re: Mate3 Firmware Update or Total Replacement

Post by JRHill »

I upgraded from a Mate3 to a 3s this spring. Before I swapped the Mate3 out I went to the Devices in OpticsRE and downloaded the settings for everything just in case. Hopefully you are using OpticsRE. If not and your Mate3's status won't let you view the current settings you'll have to start from scratch or memory. Sorry, hope you had notes. I'm glad I did copy from OpticsRE beforehand. It helped a bunch. But to the essence of your question:

- When you plug the new Mate3 or 3s in it will poll all the connected devices it can see. The devices store their own settings and those settings will be pulled into the new Mate3x - but you must check every setting on every device at the Mate3x to be sure.
- The Mate3x has more settings than are stored on the individual components. And the Mate3s has some other options including different ranges for some parameters. The Mate3s comes with a guide that will help with the hierarchy of what should be done 1st, 2nd, etc. So the majority of the inputs will be for the parameters of the Mate3x.
- Hint: at startup I would go to the CC first and then the inverter and reduce the charging voltages and currents just a bit while you are reviewing/updating/inputting. You know what the settings should be because you hopefully copied them from OpticsRE. Once you get everything input, go to those settings you adjusted down and start them back towards the past values. Obviously it is necessary to have the panels making power so you can see the results immediately. The inverter is easier.

If you haven't made any other recent component changes if will be easier. My Mate3 failure was in reporting some data to OpticsRE. Plus I upgraded a problem inverter and also changed from FLA batteries to SimpliPHIs so there was a bunch to do. It was busy work but valuable.

This may seem daunting but its not, really. Its just a few hours here and there over a few days. And its really a good refresher or new familiarization if upgrading to the Mate3s. If you have a problem please post it here.

Best, JRH
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Re: Mate3 Firmware Update or Total Replacement

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Use the Mate3 internal web page and download the config. (Buried in the black bar at the bottom of the page that says "Download System Setup." You will wind up with an .xml file that takes a bit of monkeying with to figure out the format, (like 41 means 4.1 or 543 means 54.3,) but at least you will have a saved file to dig through for reference...
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