Breaker knockout options?

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Breaker knockout options?

Post by auroraenergy »

Hey Chris,

Do you all offer any other breaker knockout options for the PSDC and/or PS2DC enclosures?

What I was hoping for was an option for more small breakers and no medium breakers thus allowing me to use 3 MX60s with 2 GFIs plus 2 battery breakers in one PSDC (I count this as 12 small spaces plus 2 large).


Jason Fisher :idea:
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Post by rdmcghie »

Look at the Solar Guerilla article in the August-September 2003 of HomePower Magazine and see if this is what you mean. If you cannot find the article let me know your email address and I will email you the photo (jpg file) of my PSDC with two large 250A breakers, to GFI breakers, four 70A and four 60A small breakers. For the record the four C40s have been replaced with four MX60s and the array was increased to 160 panels by adding 40 panels on two 2-axis Wattsun trackers. Now all I need is for Outback to get GTFX inverters to stack as shown in their 8-14.4KW series stacked wiring diagram.

Scott Payne

Post by Scott Payne »

The only breaker bracket available for the PSDC is designed for 4 large and 10 med breakers. I've seen some creative ways to stuff more on them though.

If you want you can send me the pic and I can post it here.

Scott Payne
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