Clicking noise

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Clicking noise

Post by Schmitzcuracao »

What would be the best settings to keep the controller from making the clicking on and off noise in the morning.

It Gets light at 6 am, but sun only hits panels after 8.30. During the time in between it keeps clicking on and off...

How do I set it up to not do this, or at least as little as possible?

Noise bothers me quite it.

4 x 32 volt panels on a 12 volt battery bank.
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Re: Clicking noise

Post by raysun »

How are the 4 PV panels wired? All 4 in parallel? Series/parallel? What is the panel wattage?

Is this a FlexMax series charge controller?

What is the IN voltage when the clicking is heard? What is the IN current?

What are the FM Aux Control settings -
Aux Mode?
Aux Status?

What are the Misc settings -
Wakeup VOC Change?
Snooze Mode Amps?
Wakeup Interval?
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