Flexware 500 with the flexpower two

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Flexware 500 with the flexpower two

Post by lorenzo »

I'm a bit disappointed: I bought a flexpower two - export version 230V - and there is absolutely no schema to explain how to connect DC and AC wires to the flexware 500.
I found a schema with the flexmax 60 manual but it has nothing to do with the flexware DC box that has a positive bus and two shunts. On the leaflet of the flexpower two, it's written there is PV and battery breakers included. All I've found is two big breakers 175A written Master inverter and Slave inverter. Do I have to connect the PV and batteries on these ? Sound stupid, no ?
About the AC box, there are 6 breakers and, again, absolutely no schema to explain how to connect the generator and the home sub-panel to the AC box. Perhaps, there are also some missing breakers to complete the installation.
Any explanations very welcome !!!
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Re: Flexware 500 with the flexpower two

Post by timmartin »

Well, the FLEXpower products are fully pre-wired, so all you're asking about is how to install and connect it?

Perhaps you need get (if they weren't included) the installation manuals for each of the components. The FLEXpower ONE manual covers the installation, the two wouldn't be all that different. ( http://www.outbackpower.com/pdf/manuals ... werone.pdf ) I think i read that they don't have the manual for the flex power two available yet.

To answer your specific questions, the PV should connect to a charge controller which is not included in the FLEXpower TWO. It's an optional kit according to the website. There should be a PV breaker between the panels the the charge controller. Since the FLEXpower components are pre-wired, you just hook the PV negative into the charge controller and the positive goes to the PV disconnect in the DC cabinet. The batteries positive connection goes straight to the large DC breakers you've located (175A). The negative goes to the FX or the shunt, then the FX (if you got a FlexNet DC).

Then you have to wire in the AC side of things. I admit, I found the diagrams in the manual a tad strange since they don't show the wires that were "pre-wired" but it seems straight forward once you have got the diagrams.
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