Annoucing the FLEXware PV Combiner

OutBack's newest innovation in balance-of-system components

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Annoucing the FLEXware PV Combiner

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" The OutBack Power Systems FLEXware PV combiner series sets the new standard for PV balance-of-system hardware designed with the installer in mind to meet various-sized applications, resist outdoor elements, and speed up installation/wiring.

Ideal for both small and large systems, the FLEXware PV 8 and FLEXware PV 12 accommodates the overcurrent protection requirements of your application. From 150VDC breakers for low voltage PV systems, to 600VDC fuse holders for high voltage PV systems, the FLEXware PV Combiner series is the perfect solution. "

Web page:
Spec Sheet:

Additionally, our catalog and price sheet have be updated.

Retail Price List:
Product Catalog:
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Re: Annoucing the FLEXware PV Combiner

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This is probably a nit, but I was looking at the FLEXware PV spec sheet and the shipping dimensions don't look right to me. The PV8 and PV12 appear to be swapped and I think the dimensions are in the wrong order.

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Re: Annoucing the FLEXware PV Combiner

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Thanks for the heads up. I believe you are correct, I see about getting that changed.