What's the flex for?

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What's the flex for?

Post by nik »

Why would I need the flexible nylon conduit between the FW500-AC and DC enclosures?
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Post by cschlessman »

To route comm cable through to the other side :smile:

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Post by Kent Osterberg »

Routing the communication cables through the flex makes it a lot easier to remove the inverters for service.
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Re: What's the flex for?

Post by Sunkeeper »

I installed a Flexware mounting panel recently and mounted the top inverter without help. I then Installed the flex conduit and attempted the install of the second inverter but the clearance was too tight. It took a second person pushing up on the lower inverter while installing it on the studs to get the flex conduit to compress enough to mount the inverter. Clearance is TIGHT!... ](*,)
Just a heads up for those installing dual inverters on the Flexware mounting plate without help. Installing the lower inverter first may have been better.
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